Performed By

World Famous Skating Organist Dominic Cangelosi


RINX RECORDS Since 1950. Dominic Cangelosi is without a doubt the most well known and famous skating organist in the world. Dominic has been playing his Hammond Organ at National and World Skating Competitions for decades. RINX RECORDS "Tempo Organ Music" is used both for practice purposes, proficiency testing, and skating competition. This form of music is required at both National and World level skating competition in both Roller and Ice Skating. RINX RECORDS is an independent music label that specializes in organ music, organ skating music, tempo organ music.

Dominic Cangelosi still plays LIVE organ music every Tuesday Night at his Roller Rink MOONLIGHT ROLLERWAY SKATING CENTER in Glendale, CA.


5110 San Fernando Rd. Glendale, CA. (818) 241-3630